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Choosing the Content Management System is the most critical decision when creating a website.

Good content is the driving force of effective communication and branding. Without good content, a digital marketing campaign, however effective and with the largest of budget, will never reach its full potential. Well-planned, effective content attracts the right audience reach and as a result, quality leads and prospects.

Here are some digital content creation services we provide:

Branding and design

Our team at PIXL will align with your corporate team to chart out end to end branding and design for your business, from brand logo design to business cards and brochure design – ensuring branding homogeneity across all your branding platforms and artifacts.

Video Production

At PIXL, we craft video content to surpass the high quality and content expectation from you, while also ensuring that the video content is tailored to appeal to the taste of the right target audience for your business and fits well with your business’ brand identity and ethos.

Video Animation

Our video animation team will go the extra mile to create quality engaging content made to fit your business’ needs.

Print Design

At PIXL, our team will create quality artwork that is customized to work across all of your printing needs.


Infographics are a wonderful way to visualize your communication in a precise and effective way. The digital content creation experts at PIXL will create cool infographics that reflect thorough research of your target group and your product/ service that are sure to capture the attention of your target group.