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A lead could be a person or a company that has in the past shown interest in the product/service offerings or it could be a person or company.

At PIXL we believe in the power of well-designed, end-to-end digital marketing strategies to achieve superlative business results. Our digital marketing packages are custom tailored to fit specific business goals. From creation to execution, our strategies are creative, forward thinking, data driven, and guaranteed to produce brilliant results.

We offer stand alone strategy development services for organizations who have their own execution teams, or as a part of a more comprehensive package.

Comprehensive Business Understanding: Every project we start begins with this step. To build the most effective strategy, our team will work with yours to gain a 360 understanding of your business – from your offerings, to branding and core values.

Competitive Analysis: Following that, we team will analyse the competitive landscape including competitor digital marketing strategies and their effectiveness

Defining Target Group: With this information, we profile the demographic and audience to target.

Full Digital Strategy Formulation: Once the above are completed, we proceed to design a structured and actionable strategy for all marketing channels, following defined timelines and budget estimate with time and budget estimates.