10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO 

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While creating the marketing strategy for your business, it is absolutely imperative to use the right channels to get your business the attention it deserves. Businesses need to capitalize on advanced methods to garner more exposure and attract more customers to their business. Getting optimized could mean being in the top searches on Google when a user is trying to find your product.

SEO allows your business to meet the customers in their Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT). By having an active presence through SEO, you can meet the customer in the process of their buying journey and support them in completing the process. We are here to showcase some of the critical reasons why your business needs SEO in order to succeed online.

1. To Build Credibility

The main goal of SEO is to provide a strong base for the website with an interactive user experience that can be easily discoverable in search. Also making it to the first page of a search engine makes your website more likely to be noticed and thought of as an authentic source. 

Presenting users with a clean and effective user experience will go a long way to building trust levels and credibility for your enterprise. A good user experience will go a long way to establishing authority on Google.

Some factors that play a role are:

  • Authentic links to useful articles 
  • Optimized web pages
  • Error handling: Fix errors as soon as they pop up
  • Bounce rate: If you have good content & an optimized website, the user will spend more time on your site. 

    2. To Improve Conversion Rate

    With the help of SEO, your business will have target-driven traffic. SEO will allow your business to rank higher across many other search engines if you are providing good and meaningful content to your audience.  

Besides making your website informative, you also need to create an excellent user experience, so that customers have a great time at your site and are able to get all the information needed. Bounce rate is everything.

3. For Increased ROI 

Research indicates that it ideally takes 6-10 months to see the results of SEO in establishing your brand identity online. However, if you have the right strategy in place, this would make a great ROI. 

HubSpot reveals that 50% of a business’s revenue comes from organic traffic. Sharing your content via off-page SEO techniques costs much lesser than spending on paid ways of advertising. The difference between an SEO-optimized business and one which is not is huge. 

An estimated 79% of all search engine users click on the organic, non-paid search engine results.”

4. To Drive Sales

Most customers research online to find product that meets their needs. The mindset of the customer is that based on what appears on the first page of google the business will always have something unique to offer. Once a customer lands on your online site, he/she is more likely to explore the products and other service offerings of your business and would ideally make a sale. An effective SEO strategy would result in maximizing the conversions in your business.

5. To Be Cost-Effective

SEO requires money and a great SEO strategy may sometimes require a larger investment than PPC and other Ad Campaigns. However, compared with other marketing strategies, SEO provides you with high-quality traffic without you directly paying for it. So, it is an ideal option for still-growing businesses.

6. For Great User Experience

To rank high on Google, your website must be relevant. To be relevant, you will have to offer a great user experience. One of the best examples is how Google has become more of an answer engine offering its platform directly to users. SEO optimizes the navigation and content and ensures a better experience for users. You also need to keep abreast of the latest SEO trends & have them implemented on your website.

7. To Grow Traffic From Mobile

With the rise and growth in mobile traffic, mobile devices empower people to find the businesses they want and need regardless of where they are. Most Google searches are performed from a mobile device, and that equals up to 100 billion monthly searches.  Mobile seems to be the future of online marketing and its usage is likely to increase rapidly and exponentially as more and more people start using smartphones. By optimizing your website for SEO, your business is also preparing for the next generation of marketing. Your website must be mobile-friendly. And, search engines will favor your website for optimizing your site for mobile.

8. To Gain A Competitive Edge
Having a great SEO strategy can help your business outrank a competitor. The thought of your brand’s competitors having the edge by utilizing SEO will probably be enough to make you start panicking. Hence, the online presence of your business and the content there is very crucial. Choosing the right keywords for your niche and the products/ services that you offer, will make your business stand out on the results page.

9. To Build Brand Awareness

Apart from getting you conversions, SEO will also build your brand identity. SEO will be relatively likely to open opportunities for you to build your online presence and expand your business presence. Having a good website that is simple to understand and is friendly to the users will create a great first impression with viewers and customers.

10. To Attract Your Target audience

Quality SEO is about serving your audience in the best possible way so that customers find you at the right time. This will allow you to create content that is not only relevant but also sticky enough to attract your targeted audience. With the help of SEO, you can target specific countries where your audience’s reach is. You can target gender, and you can even target the type of customer you want to reach.

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