5 Hubspot Features that will Change the Way Business is Done in 2023

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Many of us have examined the goals and strategies we want to put into place in our business during 2023 as the new year gets going. HubSpot is an essential component of our entire strategy, which attempts to optimize the technology we employ and make the most of it. Here are the latest features that HubSpot has introduced over the last few months which will change the way you work in 2023!

In 2023, we anticipate even more advancements, so it’s important to be familiar with all the features of HubSpot. Let’s have a look at the latest features of HubSpot.

5 New Hubspot Features to look out for in 2023

Option for Inbound Calls

In the US, UK, and Canada, HubSpot has introduced an inbound calling service in beta mode. You may have a single centralized contact number for your business thanks to this function, which generates a HubSpot number that can be linked to your mobile or landline. Additionally, the platform now allows users to track these incoming calls.

The calls made by your team can be recorded and reviewed in the calls index page if you set up call recording for your account. To automatically record, transcript, and review calls made in HubSpot, turn on Conversation Intelligence (CI) if you are a user of the Sales Hub, Service Hub, Professional, or Enterprise account.

Publishing on Social Media 

Utilizing the HubSpot mobile app to carry out social media publishing is another new feature. Posts can be created, scheduled, and edited directly from your phone. Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise accounts can now use this social publishing on mobile (iOS and Android) feature.

You can look at the information in your Top Posts report and the Published tab of your Social dashboard to get a better idea of publishing times on social media updates. You can also filter and review publish times on the social dashboard.

Sandbox Integration 

Standard sandbox accounts can be created by super admins to test functionality without affecting the primary HubSpot account. To test a new integration, for instance, you may link an app to your default sandbox account. You can test the integration and maintain the integrity of your main account’s data by syncing data from your main account in this way.

Within your sandbox account, you can add HubSpot users. You can also make changes to an existing conventional sandbox, which will sync the data from your main account. You can also manually add your contacts with the import and export methods. 

Ad Conversions 

Your CRM lifecycle stage modifications from HubSpot can be synced with events you generate once your Google Ads account is connected. The ad network will be able to distribute your adverts more effectively after a contact has been assigned in the HubSpot Ads tool as a result of this.

Additionally, you may create and synchronize ad conversion events with your Facebook or LinkedIn Ads accounts. Google will improve the delivery of your ads using the CRM lifecycle data from your HubSpot account. From within your Google Ads account, you can also report on the value of changes to your CRM lifecycle events.

Managing Payments

Once the payment tool is configured, you can begin collecting payments in HubSpot by utilizing payment links or quotes. The payment information is recorded each time you receive a payment. By generating new receipts, providing refunds, and getting reports of your payments and payouts, you can track the funds you’ve received with HubSpot.

You must have access to manage payments and subscriptions or super admin access in order to manage payments. Anyone with access to manage payments and subscriptions can check the transaction and payout history, download payment and payout reports, resend receipts, terminate subscriptions, and process refunds.

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