5 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads with Social Media Marketing

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social media for real estate

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful tools used by marketers worldwide. Social Media is not just about putting up a few posts and waiting around for your audience to find you. It is absolutely imperative for you to nail down a social media marketing strategy that works for YOU! In 2022, this is non-negotiable. Real Estate is one such domain where making your social media marketing work requires strategy, planning, and a good amount of creativity.

Pixl can help you lock down an absolutely pitch-perfect social media marketing strategy. The knowledge and experience gained from generating thousands of real-estate leads and deep data analysis will help us craft a social media marketing strategy that will generate quality leads for you.

Here are 5 ways that you can transform your social media marketing and get more real estate leads:

Content Strategy

Content is king and rightfully so. When it comes to social media you have a plethora of pages just like you to compete with. Any business should focus on nailing down an excellent content strategy that works for them. Your content should be enticing to your audience and evoke emotion. Blank, empty, formal content gets you nowhere if your target audience is end-users. Your content strategy should include, at the bare minimum;

– Target Audience Personas
– Competitor Analysis
– Platform, Post Frequency, Tonality & Schedule
– CTAs
– Hashtags
– Content Distribution Strategy
– Execution Plan & Reporting Metrics

Using the right images & captions

Any piece of content you put out has to be visually appealing to the audience. Instagram, Facebook & even Twitter are platforms where the user only stops scrolling when their eyes fall on something enticing. Images are the way you get your audience to stop and notice the post but captions are how you get them to stop. Posting boring, generic captions that do not add any value to the audience is like setting it up for failure right from the start. Draft brilliant captions that help the audience engage with your posts, give them the required information and position your brand as a voice of authority.

Firstly, your content should be geared toward your target audience, and
secondly, designed to captivate the audience’s attention.

Posting isn’t enough. You should know what to post & when to post it is everything when it comes to crafting the perfect social media marketing strategy. Studying the insights on Facebook & Instagram about when your audience is active most and what they like the most and putting out content when your audience is in a receptive mood is a game changer. For instance, posting after work times is a lot better than in the morning when the users are waking up and driving to work.

Client testimonials & case studies

A great way to showcase your business in a good light is by posting client testimonials & case studies. Showing how a problem was solved creatively or how a particular client with unique requirements was made happy through extraordinary service is always engaging. Client testimonials give your business credibility and help gain the trust of potential new clients. Case studies help you seem more unique than your competitors, it portrays how your business solved a complicated problem seamlessly. Making content around both of these is a big value-add.

Community Management

Whatever specific goal you might have for your social media strategy, engagement is going to be a key part of it. You should have a process put in place to manage the comments and messages that you will receive on your platforms to maintain an optimal page response rate. You might have to invest some resources into online reputation management if you are looking to place your brand as a thought leader in the industry. Not having a system in place to communicate with your audience defeats the purpose, as the USP of social media is that it opens up a direct line of communication for the audience with the brand. Show up and show your audience that you care!


The biggest thing that marketers often miss out on is that you have to be comfortable with giving. Giving knowledge, giving insights, giving secrets to growth. This will put your business in fresh new limelight. People will save your posts and the algorithm will take notice. Providing value to your clients for free is the number one difference-maker in the social media game.

The key here is to push organic growth on all social media platforms. The more your audience likes your content the more they engage and as a result the more organic leads you can generate. Doing a combination of these 5 things will help you get significantly closer to your goals.

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