6 Best Email Marketing Services – 2022 Edition

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Email Marketing

Marketing trends and platforms evolve with time. While certain trends catch on and then take a dip, a  medium that has always been a constant in any marketer’s toolkit is email. It is a key player when it comes to a successful content distribution strategy.

Having said that, marketers continue to confront several hurdles in their email marketing operations. A crucial issue is a time that is required to create a visually appealing and interactive email from scratch. Most of the platforms require some knowledge of coding to get the best results. 

We have rounded up a few of our favorite ESPs that require varying levels of expertise. Here is a list of the finest email marketing platforms, each having a plethora of features and automated procedures to make your email campaign go more smoothly.

Following are the six best email marketing tools

HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot, perhaps renowned for its marketing automation technology, has a free email marketing solution that can handle many of the transactional email demands of a small business. 

One of the finest aspects of HubSpot’s free email tool is its simplicity. The program has an effective drag-&-drop visual editor and already built templates that enable easy email deliveries.

Connect your Email campaigns with HubSpot solutions, like the CRM to build an end-to-end lead nurturing system. When you register an account, you have access to both tools, which allow you to construct a consolidated contacts database, arrange it into lists, and monitor and track email performance.


Check out Sender if you’re searching for a low-cost all-in-one marketing platform that allows you to easily manage email and SMS campaigns from a single dashboard. Every plan includes not just full access to all Premium features, such as segmentation and automation processes, but also access to a large collection of embeddable forms, ready-to-send popups, and newsletters.

Sender is among the few email marketing solutions that claim a high focus on inbox delivery, which is understandable considering their concentration on their own network and IP management, as well as a rigorous no-spam policy on the backend.


MailChimp is an effective integrated marketing platform that enables organizations to handle and communicate with clients and customers. The marketing approach of Mail Chimp is primarily to use healthy and result-oriented contact management methods, robust email campaigns, and high-end data analytics.  The web-based application, Mail Chimp can be used across web browsers and doesn’t require any separate installation of software. It is one of the most reliable and popular email marketing tools available today.


When it comes to email sequence automation, ActiveCampaign is without a doubt the greatest option. It is one of the best email marketing tools owing to its extensive features and ease of use. 

It gives you the ability to tag consumers based on their activity, perform A/B testing, and develop complicated scheduled automation. Its intriguing features, like the new “site messages,” allow you to build customized information on your website for people who come there by email.

Its one-on-one training and free installation and migration make it one of the best email marketing software options, guaranteeing that you get the greatest service.

Benchmark Email

It is the perfect tool and an effective email marketing solution. Benchmark Email is great for creating interactive and responsive emails. One can include photographs or do the same directly on the email marketing platform. One can also use special effects, stickers, and conversational text through the email editor to pass on the message.

There are several pre-designed templates categorized on the basis of industry, occasions, or events that one can use. Users with proficient HTML knowledge, can also use the code editor to make emails from scratch. A dual view function on the tool also enables users to view the email design during the modification process. This greatly eases the entire email authoring process.


Moosend is a fantastic email marketing solution that allows you to automate monotonous processes and save time. You may create behavioral email campaigns based on the information and/or activity of your subscribers. You may use its powerful segmentation tool to send highly personalized emails to each recipient, enhancing open rate, click-through rate, and ROI.

This application generates a full campaign performance report for you, so you know precisely how to improve your efforts and achieve even greater results. You can also combine it with some of your favorite apps to effortlessly transfer data between tools. It is also one of the few free email marketing platforms that will not put its logo in your emails.


An interactive email marketing platform, Mailmodo focuses on giving a proactive experience to emails with the help of the AMP framework. It enables and boosts businesses across different industries and a plethora of customers, be it B2B, B2C, enterprise, or any start-up. With its help, organizations can create and share emails giving them a web page-like interactivity that will feature in the user inbox. This will simultaneously create user engagement and potential and positive conversions by orders of magnitude.

These email tools are ideal for developing and maximizing the effectiveness of an email advertising or marketing campaign, including measuring and enhancing email interaction. Email Marketing campaigns are still a winner when it comes to lead generation or brand awareness.

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