Benefits of adopting Cloud Telephony for your business

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Benefits of adopting Cloud Telephony for your business

In businesses, one is constantly dealing with big data. This may be in the form of leads, customers, vendors, etc. One deals with them via various channels. You might communicate with your stakeholders via Email, in-person, via WhatsApp, text messaging, telegram, on calls, etc. With several inbound and outbound communication channels, it is often difficult to oversee them all. It may so happen that certain critical communication may get lost in transit, leading to major business blunders.

Quite frankly, the existing telephonic infrastructure does not mitigate the pitfalls of not tracking communication effectively. Hence, businesses that care about data, and conversations and want to ensure an all-in-all efficient communication process and protocol rely on cloud services.

Also known as cloud telephony services, these are hosted on VoIP or cloud phone systems and ensure that communication is tracked, measured, and therefore, efficient. 

Currently, about 90 % of major businesses use cloud telephonic services according to research conducted by 451Research agencies. With billions of revenue raked in by SaaS, B2B, and D2C companies worldwide, it is only wise for companies to reevaluate their business communication systems. 

In a remote working environment, tracking communication viably becomes more important than ever.

Here are 7 benefits of adopting Cloud Telephony services for your business:

1) Integrate all Business Communication Systems for simplicity

Cloud telephony services are integrated with your business communication daily workflows. As a result, you end up ensuring that each team and individual’s daily pipeline of work is monitored and met. As a result, your overall business is bound to run smoothly. Be it integrated cloud telephony with your existing CRM and tracking sales and marketing conversations or simply having all vendor conversations recorded and stored in a cloud. The all-inclusive interface of cloud telephony allows you to consolidate your work making business easier than ever before.

2) Increased flexibility and high mobility

2020 witnessed a pandemic, making work-from-home and remote working options commonplace. With these environments, monitoring employees in a single, large office space is not possible. Cloud telephony business solutions allow your employees to take their work mobile. This way any support query or sales call can be taken care of even if your employee is not in the office. Any device with a stable Internet connection that has the cloud telephony app installed can take care of your business.

3) Cost-efficient

With cloud telephony, companies no longer have to spend on traditional desk phones and incur costs such as installation and maintenance. Neither do they take up space or consume electricity. With a simple plug-in on your employee’s mobile phones or laptops, your company can save costs and significantly impact overall revenue.

4) Increased sales and overall revenue

Cloud telephony products’ simple, flexible design greatly streamlines phone system management. And the less time spent managing your phones, the more time you have to do value-adding work. Cloud phone service enables you to focus on what really matters: satisfying customers and increasing sales. By empowering you to adjust your phone system quickly and easily, without being tied down to outmoded systems or processes, cloud phone systems can make your business work better.

5) Cloud telephony solutions are highly scalable and customizable

A business’s needs are ever-evolving. Unlike traditional systems, cloud telephony understands this and hence is highly scalable and customizable to meet your changing business needs. You can easily add new sales members to your existing cloud telephony or integrate a new plug-in with a change in your CRM or any other business process.

6) Reliable and resilient service

In case of a natural disaster like an earthquake or a hurricane, traditional systems such as desk phones are likely to be destroyed. Cloud telephony, on account of being hosted on the cloud, is resistant to such inevitable and unexpected events. All your business information will remain safe and secure. It can further be accessed from any device at any point.

7) Energy-efficient

Cloud telephony services do not require extensive energy-draining infrastructures, and hence are energy-efficient.

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