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Maximizing the value of your data asset

Data as a core business asset carries the maximum potential to unlock great insights that skyrocket an organization to greater heights. To capitalize on these potentials, expertise and the use of the right technologies is required. 

We at pixl help you manage, support and govern big data volume(structured, or unstructured) at speed for data ingest and analytics

Get ready-for-analytics data lake place in secure Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) with our approach

We store and process data from multiple sources and get them consolidated in one place to promote collaboration and efficiency

We work with your developer, data scientists, analyst to ensure positive results.

Our solution enables self-service capabilities, reduces time and cost. Team can be focused on delivering value. 

We provide infinitely scalable data at less cost. 

We provide guaranteed maximum security.

We provide and test optimized analytics model, tools, and new technology that drives positive results.

From data swamps to data lakes, here is what we deliver

Data Architecture

Metadata Management and Data Governance

Data Security: Authentication, Authorization & Encryption

Data Analytics

Testing, Compliance Audit and Monitoring