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Email Marketing

To shine in full inbox and stand out among barrage of automated emails, let Pixl help you create personalized emails that target audience will love.

Our team of experts helps you to increase your ROI. Meaning we create hyper-targeted emails that reach your customers where they are. This will allow us to serve them highly personalized messages, build personal relationships and motivate them to buy your product or services. Our integrated workflow helps us deliver the right message to the target audience without hassle while still staying on budget.

Why email marketing?
If email is still pending on your marketing to-do list, you are missing out!  Email remains one of the powerful channels or communication. Its ability to drive conversion rates is unparalleled, and it is a proven platform that has helped businesses generate a higher rate of investment. With email boasting of a larger audience base, you have simply made the right choice. Whether it is to generate signups for businesses or market your product and services, you can never go wrong with email marketing.

Turn potential customers to paying customers through the best approach: partner with the right email experts:

  • Formulate effective email strategies that are customer-centric.
  • Build a targeted email list
  • Leverage technology and software to create successful email marketing campaigns
  • Strategize email campaigns and follow up
  • Implement call to actions on the website
  • Design email newsletter
  • Monitor email analytics and reporting