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Heat Maps

Real feedback through real data: discover how users interact EXACTLY with your pages in real-time through a heatmap.

Heatmaps are data visualization that uses color-coding to depict values.  It shows the users behavior, engagement, and interactions with your website. Through Heat Maps, you can know the areas where users click the most, how far they scrolled, which pages get the most attention or ignored- all at a glance.

Heat Map: Conversion optimization tool that fulfills businesses needs to gain insights, make improvements and increase conversion. As a marketer, business, UI/UX designer, here are the reasons you need this powerful tool.

It pinpoints the valuable contents on your web pages to tell you what’s working and what need improvements

It gives great insights into visitors’ performance on your website pages. This will help you to increase user activity, engagement, conversion rates, and profits. 

This tool provides a more visual report making it easy and accessible to speedily analyze different financial and operational situations.

It can help designers to make informed, decisions for testing, and improving websites to deliver value.

Now that you know what heatmaps are, now is the time to partner with pixl and get smarter web design, smarter content, and make smarter decisions

Our approach is different. Our solution is inspired by augmented reality to provide, robust, easy to use solutions. We make your ads visible, let you understand which products are selling, improve click-through rates, and display important elements of website customers need to see. These and much more are what we go through heatmaps.