HubSpot & WhatsApp Integration : A Brief Guide

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Every expanding company requires strong Customer Relationship Management to keep up the pace with its expanding customer base. One such CRM provider with a variety of amazing features, automation, and integration is HubSpot. Which has now been made more convenient by allowing you to blend HubSpot and WhatsApp via Integration.

Given its versatility for sending and receiving immediate messages, files, photos, and videos, WhatsApp is quickly becoming a key commercial communication tool. Until recently, it was challenging to track sales or customer care interactions inside of HubSpot CRM. Businesses can now chart communication between your company and its clients inside HubSpot thanks to the HubSpot + WhatsApp Integration.

WhatsApp has surpassed all other messaging apps in usage across the globe. Customers can communicate with businesses on WhatsApp and receive assistance more easily. HubSpot’s integration with WhatsApp Business accounts to speed up operations, sales, and customer service is a game changer.

Despite being the most widely used messaging application worldwide, WhatsApp isn’t typically thought of as a business tool. A little more than 7% of marketers, for instance, use WhatsApp for busines globally. Although WhatsApp may appear to be yet another messaging app, it has options that are perfect for lead generation and nurturing long-term client relationships

Key features of HubSpot + WhatsApp Integration:

Source: HubSpot

Now you’ll be able to send WhatsApp Messages via HubSpot Workflows, for which all you need is the WhatsApp API. This gives you the luxury of communicating with your clients using a single App.

You’ll also get notified of new messages and upon being contacted, will be able to add new leads seamlessly.

The option to record and observe interactions on the HubSpot contact timeline, helping you keep a track of all the conversations. You can also utilize the tool to send personalized messages to prospects and customers straight from HubSpot.

It also gives you a detailed view to keenly observe the sales KPIs and evaluate the team’s performance.

Importance of WhatsApp and HubSpot Integration


Like Facebook, WhatsApp enables companies to set up a Business page on the platform. Customers can find key facts on your profile like your location, description, website, and contact information and you can also upload your product catalogue to the app.

With WhatsApp Business, you can communicate with clients directly. Automate your communication with customers to minimize your response time and errors, route the concerns to relevant departments efficiently and keep the messaging consistent with your brand guidelines using a chatbot.

On the other end, customers can communicate with the company directly without the use of external messengers or services. This helps to keep them engaged and develop a sense of connectivity to your brand.


Integration between WhatsApp and HubSpot will improve the operational flow as well. The CRM system will keep a record of every message. You can use the labeling feature to organize the contacts. With HubSpot integration you can download all your contacts in the app from your CRM directly and manage your conversations from there. You can also save conversations to access it later within HubSpot. To be precise, with HubSpot + WhatsApp integration you can easily keep track of and maintain contacts, improving the productivity of customer service team.

Source: HubSpot


As a rule of thumb, generally response rate is higher for a message than a call. Due to the integration’s ability to automatically view contacts, your client will also be aware that it is your business that’s reaching out to them. WhatsApp Business is the best tool to track your team’s performance, analyze sales metrics and increase business growth.

Source: HubSpot

With all being said, before now businesses always found it challenging to track their sales and customer interactions with HubSpot CRM software. But now after this integration, it is a thing of the past. In conclusion, HubSpot has made it easy to provide organizations with access to a variety of features that can help businesses flourish.

There is a lot more to WhatsApp integration and how it can help businesses. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch. Our HubSpot experts will guide you and even give you a free customized demo!