Latest Update: Social Media Image & Content Sizes

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There is no one-size-fits-all approach to preparing your social media content. It takes a lot of effort to create content because it includes words and the use of appropriate hashtags and creative images.

Given that different social media networks have different criteria for each of their content formats, it is challenging to maintain complete track of the appropriate length for the posts. It gets pretty chaotic when you have to cut down the content you have already written because it is more than the allowed word count. You can save time by using our list of the appropriate lengths for various social media posts.


Brands must take all necessary steps to stand out and attract the attention of the audience while posting on Instagram. On Instagram, you can post a variety of formats, including stories, videos, reels, advertising, live, and bios.

Video post: 3 to 60 seconds 

Story video: Upto 60 seconds

Reels: Upto 60 seconds

Live: Up to 4 hours 

Post caption character: Upto 2,200 characters

Bio length: 150 characters

Hashtags: Upto 30 hashtags

Video ad: 3 to 120 seconds


Twitter has over 500 million tweets every day, so you should make sure your content is concise and understandable so that readers can easily digest it.

Tweet characters: 280 characters

Hashtags: No limit

Bio: 160 characters

Handle name: 15 characters 

Video: 140 seconds


Many business professionals use LinkedIn as a social platform to obtain important industry insights. Due to this, many companies offer in-depth descriptions of their business updates. For brand awareness LinkedIn recommends videos that are under 30 seconds perform well. 

Post: 3000 characters including hashtags but the ideal length is 100-140 characters

Video: 3 seconds to 10 seconds

Story: 20 seconds 

Message: 200 characters for the subject and 2,000 characters for the body paragraph. LinkedIn advises, however, that messages with 150 words or fewer are much more likely to receive a response than those with more.


Compared to Instagram, Facebook’s audience prefers to read longer content. Facebook has the longest video time on a page because it wants users to stay on it for as long as possible.

Video: Upto 240 minutes but the optimal length which will get your message conveyed is between 2 to 5 minutes.

Live: Upto 8 hours 

Post: Upto 63,206 characters but the ideal is around 50 characters or less than that

Video Ad: 15 seconds or less than that 

Ad character count: 20 words

Story: 20 seconds

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