The Year That Was: 2022 Digital Marketing Recap

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Here at PIXL, we live and breathe digital marketing and make it our mission to be one step ahead of all the latest trends. Within the below roundup, we will look back at the digital marketing highlights of the past 12 months and make our expert predictions for 2023. From what to expect from Google Updates to Social Media marketing approaches, keep reading to find out the pathbreaking updates that happened in 2022 to get your business ready for the year ahead.


TikTok is experimenting with paid subscriptions
Paid Subscriptions will let content producers charge a subscription fee for their work as part of a pilot test.

Meta Plans to Establish an NFT Marketplace
Teams at Facebook and Instagram are working on a prototype that would enable users to generate and mint NFTs and a marketplace where users can buy and sell NFTs. 

The New “People Search Next” Feature from Google
Now, when someone conducts a “near me” mobile search, they will be able to view the subsequent searches made by users who have previously performed similar searches.


Instagram discourages the use of recycled material
Instagram urged users to make their content directly in Reels. In a recent article on best practices on its @creators account, it was made clear that reposting content from other sites, such as TikTok would make it less “discoverable.”

Launch of Facebook Reels by Meta for All Users
As part of its expansion of the short-form video push, Meta is introducing Reels to all users worldwide. Additionally, Facebook is increasing its content production tools and trying more direct monetization methods for Reels.

Instagram launches a “Like” function for stories
Instagram, which is now owned by Meta, has added a new feature that lets users respond to Instagram Stories by sending a “like” message.


You Can Now Create Design Patterns on WordPress
Thanks to the WordPress pattern directory, anybody can now create appealing block patterns for their own usage and share them well as to share with the online design community.

TikTok Creates Tools for Competitive Analysis
Now can access  TikTok ad campaign insights to see the different metrics of best-performing campaigns.  The CTR, view rate, and success across various geographies are just a few of the filter possibilities.

Google might add more short videos to its search results
Google is experimenting with ways to show more short-form videos in search results. Google would surface short videos by crawling and indexing them like any other piece of content.


Instagram Expands 90-Second Reels Live Testing
Some users may now make Reels that are up to one minute and fifteen seconds long, giving you an additional 30 seconds above the previously allowed 60.

LinkedIn Expands Newsletter Promotion Options and New Profile Links
Along with new analytics tools for group postings, a mobile video cutting option, and choices for displaying newsletters in the bio, LinkedIn has included a new option to publish a link on your profile.

Deal reached by Elon Musk to Take Over Twitter
Twitter stated on April 25 that it expected to accept a $44 billion offer from the world’s richest man, putting an end to two weeks of rumors.


With Google’s “Imagen,” Create Any Photorealistic Scene
Google has begun working on a text-to-image generator that can create lifelike sceneries. An AI system called “Imagen” encrypts incoming text to create a visual representation of the descriptive language. For now, it is still in the testing phase. 

Twitter has launched a new “Twitter Create” mini-site to highlight opportunities for creators to make money.
To help creators make the most of their Twitter presence, the new “Twitter Create” mini-site, will include a variety of advice, insights, and case studies.

Google Launches New Ad Tools, Including Promotions for Youtube Shorts
New opportunities to advertise within YouTube Shorts, new layouts for Responsive Display Ads, improved analytics, new ad testing options, and more.


Update to the Google Search Console Report
Google has announced the rollout of updates to the Search Console reports. The modifications are meant to make Google’s classification of sites, objects, and issues within Search Console simpler.

The Main Feed on Instagram Will Now Be Full-Screen
Instagram’s main feed will soon include a full-screen revamp, according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Google Ends Expanded Text Ads This Month
Google will no longer allow the creation and editing of expanded text ads. Users will only be able to create or edit responsive search ads in standard search campaigns.

Are Passwords A Thing of the Past?

Apple revealed that it has been working on biometric authentication to do away with standard passwords  ‘Passkeys’ will be a feature of the upcoming Apple operating systems, macOS 13 and iOS 16.


3 New Creation Tools Launched for Google Ads

Asset Storage & Organization:
Google has added a new Asset Library to make access to assets easier for team members.

Video Ads for Youtube:
The recently launched Ads Creative Studio allows advertisers to customize Video and Display ads.

Voice-over Audio:
Google has released a new voice-over audio feature within the video creation tool.

YouTube announces integration with Shopify
With the help of this upgrade, Shopify merchants will be able to link their website to their YouTube channel and take advantage of real-time inventory harmonization between the two platforms.

Boost Instagram Reels
Users will now be able to boost their reels to turn them into ads.  This update will help advertisers grow the reach of their video content and engage with a wider set of audiences.

LinkedIn Is Testing Carousel Posting Option


Helpful Content Algorithm Update Will Change How Google Prioritises Content
Google has begun rolling out updates to the helpful content algorithm, which will reward people-first content, and devalue content that doesn’t reach its user experience standards.


TikTok Adds Downvote Button For Comments
TikTok is rolling out a downvote button, allowing users to flag irrelevant or inappropriate comments.

Twitter’s New Feed Options Look To Help Users Discover More
Twitter will be introducing new timeline options that will integrate Tweets and other media around specific themes.


New Features for Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns
Advertisers can now predict what can happen when you change factors like your campaign budget and ROAS or CPA objectives and forecast how your campaign will perform in the future.

Mobile Search on Google Will Be More Visual.

Google is making improvements to its mobile search capabilities and giving more visual information, including videos and images, priority.

Google Web Stories will be further integrated so that you may publish video clips from your website to attract searchers’ interest.


New Business Search Functionality by WhatsApp is in Testing
At the inaugural WhatsApp Business Summit in Brazil, the CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new business search tool. This new feature will allow users to search for businesses and includes a mini-map of surrounding businesses.

There will be category filters and verified businesses to improve the in-app shopping experience.

Introducing Native Post Scheduling on LinkedIn
The deployment of LinkedIn’s native post-scheduling feature has begun with desktop and Android, with iOS following soon, and is now only available to certain users.


YouTube Adds New Features
By adding in-app picture editing capabilities, YouTube is enhancing its post features. They are also testing out a new quiz function to be launched soon.

Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2023

There is now recessionary talk taking place, and there are varying opinions on economic stability and how everything is going to unfold.  However, here are three key points that will lead the way

Focus on Content – This includes brand messaging, optimizing website content, social media strategy, building high-quality backlinks, and more.

Personalization becomes key: To provide a better customer experience, businesses have had to focus on personalization. This includes using customer data to create personalized marketing campaigns and using chatbots and other artificial intelligence technologies to provide personalized customer service.

Customer experience: Businesses will have to focus on providing a seamless and enjoyable customer experience to be thumb-stopping. This includes everything from the design of a website to the way customer service is handled.

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