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Prebuilt Marketing A.I

Revolutionizing social media marketing world with prebuilt AI.

Ever heard of AIMI, (the Artificial Intelligence Marketing Interface)? It is the first social media marketing intelligence that solves challenges that businesses and entrepreneurs face in social media marketing. She writes your content, provides images, builds campaigns, launches, and drives positive results. Not only that, it checks the engagement level, analyzes the result required to make the best decision that ensures success.

Are you ready

Are you ready

Build a broader audience and increase brand recognition?

Create more content that saves time, money and boosts customer engagement and loyalty?

Increase your social media marketing campaigns and experience higher ROI?

Hire us. 

It is too expensive to set up, update and maintain AI products in-house making outsourcing the best option for SME to large corporations operating under a tight budget. Therefore, to capitalize on your social media marketing, you need us!

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Pixl empowers you with the first prebuilt A.I revolutionizing the world of social media marketing. 

We use our AIMI powered solutions to uncover hidden insights, automate social media marketing campaigns and drive positive results.  We leverage our technical expertise, experience, and deep pockets to provide this next-gen service.