From building the beating heart of a digital first organisation, to supporting its marketing efforts for 42 independent road-shows spanning Europe, South East Asia and Africa, Pixl has partnered with Allegiance Real Estate to build an efficient operations and mar-tech infrastructure.


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Allegiance Testimonial

From day one, we were sold on Pixl’s confidence in digital. During the course of our partnership, we have tested their agility, creativity and solution-oriented mindset. We know that in Pixl we have a partner that thinks about our challenges and is effective in pre-empting them. They have demonstrated their ability to think beyond digital solutions, about the width of real estate marketing and often go beyond their comfort zone to be effective. 

The Pixl Solution

Allegiance Real Estate brought us the rare opportunity of managing a company that was setting up its operations by starting with a clear slate. With this came a very savvy leadership team who were open to ideas, but also had clarity about which outcomes they prioritised. 

As a result, we started with building their foundation, through deploying CRM solutions and establishing lead management best practices for their team. In parallel, we supported their real estate marketing roadshows across 42 cities. Our approach was rooted in geographic hyper-targeting, complemented by leveraging mass awareness tools, ranging from radio to cloud telephony solutions. This helped them build a pipeline of serious potential investors for Dubai real estate projects, from a range of international markets spanning Europe, Africa and South East Asia.

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Digital Marketing campaign that resulted in a revenue of AED200 M