Pixl helped develop a website that serves to two audiences – the customer or end-user and the B2B tenant community. It helped Nakheel achieve (pre-opening) leasing of nearly 75% and has since been used effectively for both tenant communication and customer engagement.


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The Pixl Solution

Nakheel’s retail development needed an intuitive digital interface to help its leasing and destination management teams to keep its tenant audience engaged regularly through the pre-opening phase during the pandemic. Its key feature needed to be the simplicity of navigation and a perceptive interface, which made it easy for the tenants to use for their day-to-day coordination with the Nakheel team.

It also needed to seamlessly transform into a customer-facing platform upon the launch of the destination. The platform ultimately complements the destination’s roots in trading and its accessibility by creating a platform that was quick to load, supported by a content management system that ensures easy maintenance.

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