Omniyat was promoting 4 different luxury projects: One at Palm, The Residences, Opus & Anwa.

The challenges they faced were;

  • Cut-throat competition for similar luxury properties in the market and the above-average price point of the homes given the unstable state of the Real Estate sector.
  • They were getting a lot of email spam complaints, leading to the deterioration of the domain reputation, and thus having all emails landing in spam.
  • Lastly, their CTOR was less than 2%, leading to a high drop-off between users opening the emails and visiting the landing page.

0 %

Qualified Leads

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Revenue Generated (AED)

The Pixl Solution

  • Our expert copywriting team churned out copies which made the same kind of offers look different and helped create a FOMO among the targeted users. We conducted many A/B tests eg. CTAs starting with an action verb and CTAs like ‘Book Now’ and CTAs driving a sense of urgency like ‘Book Now in 60 seconds’ were compared.
  • Our AI-based behaviour prediction models were able to segment users based on their income and capability to invest in luxurious property, ensuring money wasn’t spent on reaching out to users who wouldn’t have the potential to buy.
  • Our data segmentation, data cleansing and AI-based behaviour prediction models were combined to ensure that we were sending the right offers to the right users at the right time.
  • Our design team and copywriting team compared different design layouts (eg. Zig-zag layouts and inverted pyramid layouts) and different types of copy tonalities before finalising  the optimum design and copy.

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SLS Residences

SLS property joined hands with Pixl to create awareness and sales in the market and ended up becoming a runaway success.