One at Palm Jumeirah

We invested in gaining insights about ultra high-net worth audiences to deliver a digital marketing campaign that resulted in a revenue of AED200 Mn over three months, through our hyper-targeted approach. Our success demonstrates the effectiveness of digital marketing in engaging the most elusive customer segment, through meticulous management of rich, refined data, for a developer that prides itself in creating projects that are unique by design.


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One at Palm Jumeirah Testimonial

For Omniyat the vision with One at Palm Jumeirah was to set benchmarks for design, development, and lifestyle, which is fitting for a flagship project. We were wary that the ultra-high-net-worth customer is unlike any other real estate buyer. This residence epitomizes what it means to deliver residential experiences that are truly a class apart.

Reflecting this essence, our marketing initiatives were deliberate, precise, and finessed. Pixl understood this brief from day one, and through their confident strategy demonstrated that digital marketing can not only generate interest from serious buyers but that they will respond to a direct and bespoke campaign. It helped us steer clear of gimmicks that can erode the exclusivity of One at Palm Jumeirah. The results not only maximized returns but also offered customer insights and ROI that helped inform our broader sales campaign for One at Palm Jumeirah. 

The Pixl Solution

For an integrated solution, Pixl’s strategists refined a broad database to create the right buyer persona. Thereafter, we did a deep dive into the audience’s digital interests and activities, applying a hyper-targeted approach to reach the right users, at the right time on the right platforms. Our content strategy reflected the audience’s demographic and cultural sensitivities while being committed to the quality and finesse that are consistent with the project’s defining attributes. 

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