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Propensity Modeling

Propensity Modeling: Predict your customer’s next move

Knowing how likely a visitor, leads or customers is going to act under certain circumstances is the bedrock of propensity modeling. This means propensity modelling predicts who among your prospects are likely to make a purchase, sign for a service, respond to an offer or leave. It allows you to target customers based on likely behavior, and garner your focus and efforts on the right customer to promote the right product.

Know what, when, why your leads are going to buy: using data and expertise

Delivering the right message through the right channel, at the right time might be a quest you are still struggling to conquer. But with Propensity Modeling, this becomes easy, that is- if done correctly.  We powered our solution with sophisticated machine learning that will deliver the right result and boost ROI. Our team of experts will enable you to know how to serve personalized communication, increase loyalty, and developing cross-selling and upselling campaigns.

Scale your way through smarter marketing and sales to accelerate growth through our propelling modeling service

Scope definition and analysis
Define and analyze your business objectives, prioritize them and suggest the best modeling that will meet your needs.
Data collection
Our team will use their expertise to conduct inventory on your data sources. We will then recommend a suitable data warehouse.
Data cleaning
We will ensure your data are super cleaned, complete and health checked regularly for relevance.
Monitoring and communication
We will monitor the model’s performance, avoid confirmation bias and communicate the result that will help in making improvements on marketing efforts. Market smart, not hard.