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Branding is the way you tell your story. Make it epic!

As we head into an increasingly virtual world, having a strong brand identity means everything. Branding is not just about having a logo or getting your business cards designed. It is developing the origin story of your brand, its purpose, and its mission. Your brand identity is how your target audience will perceive you. The colors used, elements and strokes, fonts, and tonality, all convey a message to your audience.
We at PIXL understand that your business’ brand identity needs to be perfectly in line with your goals and what you want your business to be. Branding is a science. Our team at Pixl constantly studies how to improve brand recall through visuals, create baselines that roll off the tip of your tongue, and develop a brand image that fosters a relationship with the audience.
We will make sure everything from the color of your logo, theme & website all the way to the way you market yourself on every single channel will be geared to perfection. Designed to make an authentic connection with your audience, get you results, and spearhead your organization’s mission.

  • Brand Strategy & Story
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Identity Design & Branding Guideline
  • Rebrand Strategy
  • Brand Assets & Collaterals Design

Think your business could use a carefully curated branding strategy that helps you get results and smash organizational goals? We are here to help.


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