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Social Media Management

Engage. Influence. Convert.

Posting a few images and videos on your corporate pages randomly is far from Social Media Marketing.
Social Media is a powerful tool for your brand to tell its story. This is where your audience reaches out to you and has a conversation with you. How brands build their identity on social media platforms defines the type of reach, engagement, and eventually, conversion garnered by businesses.
At PIXL, we believe in a multifaceted ROI-focused approach that guarantees results. We have invaluable resources such as an astounding amount of customer data & picture-perfect metrics to zero in on your business landscape and deliver as many leads as you desire.

  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns
  • Content Creation
  • Community Management
  • Influence Marketing
  • Editorial Calendars & Creative Copywriting

Trouble getting the leads you deserve? Tell us how many and how often, we got the rest!


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