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Simplicity, Beauty And Functionality is our watchword. We make compelling user experience and user interface(UI/UX) designs and development.

UX/UI Design

Integrate your site with an outstanding look and feel that will transport your customers effortlessly to your products or solutions. The reason is simple- a product that people enjoy using will drive sales. 

An efficient user experience bridge the gap between humans and the digital world. Having slick designs with intuitive interface is the key to customer acquisition, increase customer retention that drives revenue. 

Our teams’ UX/UI experts are not only skilled and creative, but they also have decades of proven experience in providing scalable and robust UI/UX development and design. Through our process- navigation is easy and enjoyable. Hence, your customers keep coming back, ROI is increased and business goals are met.

Our Approach:

We don’t just create designs, We craft customer-centric, content-based, result-driven ones

Individual businesses are unique, to produce the right solutions that will represent your brand, speak your identity and meet your business goals, we delve deeper to understand you and your business.

Your business only benefits when users can successfully use your applications. We conduct comprehensive research to map out users’ needs, goals, and challenges to create user-centric apps.

We align users’ expectations with business goals to create powerful designs that produce desired results.

Here are our design services and capabilities

AR experience design

Web design and development

Mobile design and development

Visual design

Interaction design

Branding & Corporate Identity Design

UI testing

Web design

Our UI AND UX Process

From web to mobile, what makes us stand out among others is the process we adopt. These 7 facets of our process helps us to understand the end-users and give you a competitive advantage. We evaluate our design with the clients at each stage to deliver the best result.

  • Research

    Defining and analyzing users personas, goals, expectations

    Defining and analyzing the products, business needs and goals.

  • Information architecture

    Structure and organize information for usability and findability

    Analyzing the core features of the solution

  • Wireframing

    Sketch the illustration and diagram of the entire screens of the app

    Present the skeletal framework of the content and functionality of the pages

  • Prototyping

    Prototype the entire app to assess the functionality and usability in real-world

    Repair any inconsistencies and illustrate the flow of the app before it is fully built

  • Development and design process

    Adding great-looking images, themes, and styles.

    Hand over design specifications to the development team

  • UI testing

    Gather user feedback to make improvement

    Eliminate functionality problems or any user difficulties.

    Ensuring designs are cross-platform compatible.

 Let Pixl make navigation a breeze and your customers happy