What Is Hubspot And Why Is It The Best CRM In The World?

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HubSpot first appeared in the digital transformation scene as a marketing automation platform. Since then, HubSpot has emerged as the most popular CRM with a host of tools that assist businesses in scaling. Ideal for streamlining your business processes, HubSpot is a tech stack that can meet your needs today, tomorrow, and forever.

One of the primary reasons HubSpot works so well with growing businesses is its pricing structure. You can get started with a free version. As your company’s needs grow, you can subscribe to relevant tiers to gain access to more features. 
HubSpot categorizes its tool suites into different “Hubs”. You can also upgrade Hub separately to meet your requirements. In simple terms, you can begin with free HubSpot and start paying to upgrade and access the specialized tools when needed. No other CRM provides tools that are as accessible and simple to scale.

Simple, Easy-to-Use, and 100% Customizable!

HubSpot prioritizes your ability to scale using its platform from the start. Growing a business is difficult enough! HubSpot’s user-friendly design makes it a little easier. Because HubSpot built everything from the ground up, it’s incredibly simple and intuitive. You can quickly get into HubSpot and navigate the tool like a pro in just a few sessions.
There is also a HubSpot Academy where you can learn about the tools through videos and demo practical exercises. You can get a certificate to show off your new skills when you finish a course. That being said, here are some most important reasons we think Hubspot is the finest CRM Tool


Many major CRM players grew their robust suite of tools through acquisition. So, even though many tools have the same logo, they were all built by different companies. As a result, the functionality is frequently not intuitive and feels more like integrations between tools rather than one seamless tool. 

If you have enough time to work with all tools in sync and integrated and have support to develop customized integrations for the organization, HubSpot is the perfect fit for you.

Furthermore, HubSpot has a massive knowledge base chock-full of videos, articles, and screenshots to walk you through any use case you can think of. If you need assistance with something specific, HubSpot’s service team is always available via chat. HubSpot developed its tool to be simple to use. The way they prioritize customer success makes scaling your business easier.

If you need assistance with something specific, HubSpot has accredited agencies, like Pixl, with whom HubSpot experts are just a call away whenever you are stuck.

Integrated Tools at One Place 

HubSpot provides six suites (or Hubs), including a CRM, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Service, and Content Management System (CMS Hub). Each of these tools works within the same ecosystem.

Your marketing team can pull information from your CRM and use personalization tokens to create a hyper-personalized campaign. Because you’re using the same customer data, you can have consistency from the landing page to every email. It also means that your reporting will be accurate to the T! When everything runs off the same system, you can see how marketing drives the sales process and delivers more customer interactions to the sales team.

Great Insights

You can effortlessly align your teams with HubSpot. Every person in the organization has clear insight into the customer’s interaction with your company. Consequently, sales can see the precise marketing actions that drove customer engagement, allowing them to have a more relevant conversation.

Marketing and sales can see which marketing activities generate the most leads and which lead sources generate the most revenue. From there, marketing, sales, and customer service teams can determine which customers are the best fit and have the highest lifetime value. This level of insight is only possible with teamwork-facilitating software like HubSpot.

You will find a million CRMs in just a simple Google search. However, not every platform creates a complete ecosystem for your business to enable a successful digital transformation. We think HubSpot is worth a try! Get in touch with us for a free Demo and take it from there!