Why Real Estate Companies Should NOT Take SEO Lightly

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You’ve probably heard of the term SEO, but do you know what it actually means and how important it is? Now let’s explore. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it refers to the complete process of improving your website’s ranking on Google. The higher your website’s ranking, the more likely it will be seen by others.

On-page SEO and off-page SEO are the two types of SEO. With on-page SEO, you can include keywords in the text of your website to help it rank higher, as well as ensure that the metatags and titles are keyword-rich and well-written. Off-page SEO is link building; for example, you could publish a link to your website on Pinterest, which would lead to your website.

Why is SEO Important for Real Estate?

The intent to buy of a person searching for something on google is very high. For example, if someone searches for a property on Google, he or she will receive many search results. This is the “Zero Moment of Truth” where you have to ensure that your listings come at the top when a property is being searched for.

Keyword research and audience study are a big part of SEO. Only by targeting the correct keywords will your efforts be fruitful. The higher the quality of the content presented, the greater the chance that people will be interested in your website. Your campaign, ads, and landing pages will have to be optimized to get the audience clicking and filling out forms generating quality leads. When your website is optimized, it will generate qualified leads for your company.

Depending on your campaign and your audience’s buyer journey, you have to prepare your campaign strategy so that you are always present when they search to get more information, solve a particular problem, look for reviews or want to purchase. This is because most people start by researching online before buying.

– Enhances the user experience by attracting targeted organic traffic to your website
– Cost-effective because it targets the right audience
– Better ranking of your website on the search engines and ranking above the competition
– Improved organic traffic from your target audience
– Increase in the number of qualified organic leads
– More inquiries and sales
– A higher return on investment because the visitors can be turned into potential buyers

According to research, most people research online first before buying a property. Your website needs to be ranked well to attract good-quality leads.

How to use SEO for your real estate website?

– Website with highly optimized sitemap and structure
– Use of accurate keywords
– Optimized and structured content
– Backlink building
– Technical SEO
– Social bookmarking

The first and most important phase in the SEO process is keyword research. Including keywords in your meta description, meta title, or meta tag is vital. The challenge with keywords is that you have to consider what a prospective client might consider while browsing for a home. You will get more qualified leads as your website’s ranking rises.

To succeed as a real estate business in Dubai, you must outperform your competitors. As you can see, Dubai’s real estate industry is rising and SEO can help you get to the top. Although you may also generate leads from paid advertisements, SEO helps with establishing your brand as a credible voice in the industry and your audience will gradually start relying on you for valuable information.