Why Your Business Needs Cloud PBX

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The digital era has disrupted the way with many technological advancements by redefining the complete business process. Cloud Telephone System has disrupted the way that organizations and businesses handle business communication, which is similar to the way Cloud has disturbed the way that buyers use products and services from e-commerce, Banking, real estate, etc. Cloud Telephone systems are widely known as Hosted PBX. If the business is already using Public Switched Telephone Network or Integrated Service Digital Network, now is the time to rethink and implement the more efficient and effective Cloud Telephone System. Also, a study revealed that cloud services are increasing exponentially for small and medium-sized businesses.

Cloud PBX is defined as a virtual phone system delivered and managed by an external service provider which in turn provides a secure and dependable business telephone framework. PBX is broadly classified into 2 types: Cloud PBX and on-premise PBX.

Cloud PBX
Cloud PBX works mainly with the VoIP system by connecting all the devices to your phone. Calls will be initiated using IP phones, cell phones, or different gadgets, and the voice traffic will be extended to an Internet association, which is associated with servers within the cloud. Features that are included in cloud PBX are call queueing, IVR, call barge, live call monitoring, reporting and analytics, automated call distribution, etc.

Below are some of the important benefits of having Cloud PBX

1. Very Flexible to Use
New features and updates can be modified easily which significantly decreases the costs and enables you to interface from anywhere by utilizing the VoIP telephone system. As calls are steered through the web, it makes you decide to work from anywhere. For businesses that are growing rapidly by developing and recruiting new representatives, the Cloud PBX solution is the most flexible and reasonable arrangement.

2. Scalable
Cloud PBX comes with pay-as-you-go, and you only pay for the bandwidth and seats that were utilized. As your business grows you can scale up and down based on the requirement and you will also be able to pre-distribute space for future requirements.

3. Grows with your business
With the Cloud PBX system, businesses will be benefited from its ability to grow the programs as and when needed, for example, if you own a small or medium-sized business with multiple locations and multiple areas of expertise, the Cloud PBX provider can link them all to the main number. Thus, the cloud-based telephone frameworks effectively and proficiently develop with your business.

4. Cost-effective
There are no configuration costs at all since no hardware setup is needed for the Cloud PBX. The Cloud supplier will be the one putting resources into and managing this service for you. You have to pay just for the number of expansions that you have utilized. Cloud PBX by virtue comes with very less infrastructure, in turn meaning less capital expenditure for you at the start.

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