An Agency's Guide to Real Estate Marketing Automation

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By Pixl

4 April, 2024

Running a real estate business successfully can be tricky. As the world leaps into the technological universe, being a good real estate agent is changing too. You need to stay on top of technological changes to give your business the edge it needs. To generate more leads, close more sales, and grow your real estate business, you need to incorporate marketing automation.

The latest and most efficient way to become a top-notch real estate company is marketing automation. Many sectors and businesses are already adopting these methods, and we have a list of reasons why you should too. If you want to give your real estate business the edge it needs, automation is the way to go.

What is Real Estate Marketing Automation?

Real estate marketing automation involves incorporating technology into marketing to increase sales, reduce workload, and save time. Your marketing campaigns become more efficient and streamlined as a result. Platforms for marketing automation can control several aspects of campaigns from one location.

Marketing automation enables businesses to automate tasks and workflows for the marketing and sales process, including prospect and customer profiling on landing pages, lead scoring, and sending automated personalized emails and web recommendations to support lead nurturing and customer engagement.

No More Overlooked Leads

Tracking the incoming flow of leads is essential for a successful real estate agent. Managing several leads simultaneously on different platforms can be difficult, and even a tiny mistake can result in lost leads. With marketing automation services, you can track every lead that comes your way and never miss a step.

Automating lead generation allows you to gather leads from all sources, including social media, phone calls, SMS, and email, and engage with them from a single location to ensure they are all nurtured.

Aesthetic Landing Pages

Building websites is now easier with the help of automation. Some companies offer services as simple as entering your company’s name, business type, and brand colors. HubSpot, a leading CRM and automation platform, has content management systems (CMS) that help real estate agents create responsive websites using drag-and-drop editors, website templates, and SEO tips.

Efficient and Effective Ads

Digital marketing is getting smarter every day. Every platform is becoming more efficient thanks to automation. Real estate agents can run their ads hassle-free with excellent tracking and analytics.
Ad management tools available on automation platforms like HubSpot include:

  • Creating buyer personas and segmenting lists
  • Syncing leads and audiences for targeting opportunities
  • Managing ad campaigns on different social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Performance reports and data analysis from different campaigns on one dashboard
  • Lead scoring and attribution reporting to identify the success or failure of campaigns

Automate Assigning and Nurturing Leads

Platforms like Holofy and HubSpot offer CRM services that help nurture leads throughout the customer journey, from filling out a form on your landing page to attending an open house and interacting with a real estate agent. Leads get automatically assigned to agents, so you don’t waste time nitpicking through leads.

Automate Tasks

Automation helps teams work together effectively. With automation services, you can manage entire workflows, assign tasks, and monitor the entire process. It is the most effective way to do business. Create entire customer journeys and workflows to nurture your leads. Your workflow can incorporate follow-up journeys that include calls, WhatsApp messages, emails, and SMS messages. Set up projects and hold your team members accountable. Track accountability, responsibility, and KPIs for successful task management.

Managing Transactions and Automated Accounting

Automation helps you keep track of transactions and payments. You no longer have to bother clients who owe you payments; automation services will send reminders, texts, and voicemails to ensure payments are made.

Client Communication

With automation tools, you can track your next potential clients. Usually, it is a hard and tedious task to scope out the next clients, but automation services churn market data to find the segment of the market where you will likely find your next client.

Enhance customer experiences by sending personalized emails and targeted digital marketing campaigns. Schedule meetings, send automated messages, and set reminders to follow up with clients and close more deals.


Reporting dashboards give you a better understanding of what’s working for your business. Find out if you are meeting your targets by getting up-to-date reports on your sales activity. Marketing automation provides you with excellent market analysis with mounds of relevant data that can help you steer your business in the right direction, get more leads, close more sales, and run a tight ship overall.

The Point Is…

If you’re a real estate agent, marketing automation in the new age is a must-have. Allow us at PIXL to guide you through this journey, as we have done for many other real estate clients.